Kick the Buddyman

It does not matter which part of the Kick the Buddy you played. If you are tired of studying, if the boss has been tortured at work, if life at some particular moment seemed so complicated, then you can settle the score … with a little friend. A rag-talkative doll can be avenged for all the occasional adversity. Well, or just over it enough to make fun of. The new part of Kick the Buddy is subtitled No Mercy. True, the timing of releases of the games of the series and subtitles you will forget exactly in a minute, completely switching to the gameplay. He’s pretty damn good. Sinister and infinitely cynical. You understand that the developers could not do otherwise, making the main character Kick the Buddy a rag doll. Whether there is something more realistic – the project would immediately receive an adult rating. And so – the tolerable “12 +”. Violence here is enough for all. And yes, you will create a disgrace. To beat our friend, to prick him into the barrel with a big sword, throw shurikens and painfully hammer the mace on the head. Fans of firearms! You too can be calm. He was brought to No Mercy in due quantity. Thompson’s automatic, a set of pistols, the legendary Kalash, a compact Uzi and other worthy specimens. Everything, as it should, shoots, splashes with fire and is scattered by shells.

Well, if you’ve loved the Bomberman since childhood and adore that everything explodes and shakes around, then a digestible set of fragmentation grenades, an explosive with a clockwork, antipersonnel mines will brighten up your leisure time.

In addition, our friend can dress up in ridiculous suits, mockingly throw children’s balls and sprinkle paint on him. The object of torture to all our jeers can only be answered with a catchy word, offensive expression and friendly joke. Minimal knowledge of English is welcome. For a change, by the way, it’s worth to purchase new elements of the interior, but the most interesting here is sold for gold. In-game currency – those same bucks. Charged for each shot, kick or shot. Something is cheap, and something is not very good. It turns out some extremely cynical cycle of money in the game: we beat a rag doll, earn money to buy a thing that will cause our Friend even greater pain.