Kick the Buddy

You cannot underestimate the therapeutic potential of torturing games. It is much better to open a game and make someone not-real suffer instead of insulting anyone around you. Being angry at someone or simply sick and tired of the way this world is, you can always relief your stress in a good torturing game. One of the best representatives of the genre is Kick the Buddy – a funny and super-sadistic app where you have to torture a rug doll. No blood, no real violence, but an incredible feeling of making your anger vanish is guaranteed. So what is waiting for you in this very special game? First of all, you have Buddy and a giant arsenal of weapons. The set can be a bit different from part to part – in some of the Buddy games you will have additional ways to kill him. The traditional kit of a young torturer consists of knives, guns, axes, and even cannons. You can tear, blow, shot, and cut Buddy into pieces. Do it slowly, move by move. Or choose a bomb to make him fly high in the air. Don’t worry – he will come back. Buddy can be tortured to “death”, but always comes back for more pain. In other parts, you will find some more inventive ways to kill him. For example, poisoned plants and flowers with teeth will become a pretty original torturing tool for you. The game is recommended to everyone who needs a breath of fresh air after a nice ripping done to someone that annoying and silly like Buddy. Play now! Try different parts of the game and kick the Buddy as much as you want. Choose different ways to bring him suffering and don’t forget – Buddy is just a doll, so he doesn’t feel the real pain. Or maybe… he does? Who cares! Just kick the Buddy and have fun!