Kick the Buddy for PC

If you want to get rid of negative emotions without harming anyone, Kick the Buddy is a nice choice to give your anger a safe outing. This arcade has but one goal – to take it out on a defenseless ragdoll using a wide array of torture tools. Pounding Buddy will procure you a little measure of Bucks for the harm done. A few things are more effective at hurting Buddy and acquiring Bucks (and you won’t gain any cash for simply tapping on him with your fingers without a thing). Our most loved instrument for crushing cash is the F1 Grenade that you can find in the Explosives classification: this thing is opened toward the start of the diversion, so you can utilize it immediately. Every time a projectile detonates on or close Buddy, you’ll win four coins. It’s least demanding to just over and over tap the monitor to release a fast volley of explosives over him, and after that let the blasts toss him all over the crate. Between the main projectile you hurl and the time he is KO’d, you ought to have the capacity to procure no less than 100 Bucks effectively.

When Buddy is KO’d, you’ll never again get Bucks for hurting him. You have to sit tight a couple of moments for him to consequently resuscitate previously harming him once more. On the off chance that you see that you aren’t winning the same number of cash from a tool as you beforehand were, take a stab at changing to an alternate thing for a brief period—until the following KO—and after that switch back to the previous weapon you were utilizing.