Kick the Buddy Cheats

The best forces of the world industry, including the game, are thrown to the struggle with stress. Numerous shooters, simulators and other virtual entertainment in which you can temporarily turn off your head and just relax, great help when the mood is at zero. And now it’s worth adding one more game here – Kick the Buddy. This is a funny simulator with realistic physics, good colorful graphics and numerous pods, prepared for the main character.

 With the insidious stress that lies in wait for us at work and in everyday affairs, everyone struggles in their own way. Someone prefers to go to nature and spend time in tranquility with nature, enjoying silence and harmony. And others, on the contrary, like to release couples as much as possible, doing something aggressive – beating off the boxer’s pear from the heart or, if this option does not suit you, playing in some suitable game, like this one. Here the whole point boils down to trying as hard as possible to scoff at a rather cheerful little man. And the ways to ruin his life are provided for by the developers simply a great many, you just need to choose: let the predatory plant bite it, smash a huge watermelon around his head, make acupuncture with clerical buttons… And most importantly – whatever you do, the hero does not take offense at all!