Kick the Buddy 3

Everyone finds one’s own way to fight stress. And here is one of them. Kick the Buddy is a simulator that urges you to torment and injure a talking rag doll for amusement purposes. Gamers can extend the mannequin’s hands and feet and detach his head from his body, fire him from different rifles and pistols, harm him, utilize medieval weapons on him, or explode him over and over, all with the objective of gaining focuses. There is a wide range of tools to choose from and you’ll definitely find those that will suit your sadistic desires. The savagery is intended to be clever, however the mannequin shows indications of misery and does “bite the dust” in the diversion for brief periods. He tolerates all your hits and cuts with a smile on his face showing that he doesn’t suffer even in the slightest. For each successful hit you gain a certain number of points that you can spend in the store to buy new torture instruments. The developers expect players to be 13 or older to be capable of playing the game.