Kick the Buddy 2018

Everyone finds their own way to get rid of stress. After all, our life is full of worries and duties and we all need a little break from time to time. Many people choose games for these purposes. One of them will be discussed below. Kick the Buddy: No Mercy – an excellent tool for relieving stress after a hard day. It’s better to let all your accumulated aggression spill over into a virtual doll than a living person. Running Kick the Buddy: No Mercy for the first time, you can get a little confused by the abundance of interface elements, because the game does not have a main menu as such. Before the eyes of a tired player is a location the size of the screen of your device and, in fact, a doll that is waiting for a hard time. A doll named Buddy will stoically endure beatings, shelling, explosions and many, many other ways of destruction. The whole gameplay is to destroy the doll. It is impossible to completely kill Buddy. After bringing it to the critical point, the player will see that the brave doll died. But do not get upset – after a couple of seconds Buddy will jump again, taking on the blows of fate. What then is the meaning of the game?

First, any damage done to the doll brings to the player’s box the bucks. For them you can buy new “tools” of interaction with Buddy, clothing for him and location for execution. There is in Kick the Buddy and another currency is gold. It can be purchased only for real money. Gold provides access to special types of weapons and items for the destruction of Buddy. Secondly, the game constantly poses new challenges for the player. Their implementation is rewarded with experience that helps to raise the level. With each new level, the player receives certain bonuses. The tasks themselves do not differ much from each other in essence, boiling down to the application on Buddy of certain objects. It is worth noting that this still introduces a variety in the gameplay.