Kick the Buddy is a mannequin-smashing arcade amusement from Chill Fleet. The objective is to utilize an assortment of instruments and different articles, otherwise known as “Stuff,” to thump a shockingly idealistic and just incidentally destroyable doll. While publicized more as a pressure reliever than a genuine amusement, Kick the Buddy features items that can be unlocked and accomplishments to work towards, and an amazing framework by means of the Bucks earned for demolishing our cheerful friend.

The two monetary forms in the application are Bucks and Gold. Gold is a superior money that must be earned by buying it straightforwardly with genuine money, or every so often gaining it as a sign in reward. Bucks can be gotten in both of these routes too, however you can likewise gather it by means of just playing the diversion—thumping Buddy.

The two monetary forms are utilized to buy the “Stuff” utilized as a part of your ceaseless war on Buddy, despite the fact that things cost it is possible that either. You can’t purchase things that cost Gold using Bucks, and the other way around, so you’ll require both to pack out your stockpile. Find plenty of ways to torture the mannequin and discover new weapons by earning cash!